Seed Division

Guard Agri, having achieved full technology transfer in hybrid rice seed is by far the market leader in the seed market with 74.2% share, reflecting the strength of the company as a research oriented organization. We are the only company in Pakistan doing basic research and development in new Basmati and non Basmati Rice varieties.


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  • High yield potential
  • Heat tolerant
  • Lodging resistant
  • Uniform cobs size
  • Good tip filling
  • Attractive orange bold kernels
  • Wider adaptability


  • High yield with stable performance
  • Moderately tolerant to drought, water
  • Logging and leaf blight
  • Uniform cobs
  • Good tip filling
  • Attractive orange yellow bold kernels
  • Wider adaptability


  • High yield potential
  • Semi tall hybrid
  • Heat resistant to wide adaptability
  • Thick stem
  • Uniform cob
  • Attractive orange kernels

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  • Tall plant, medium late maturity, first flower appears at the 12th node
  • 11cm length, 1.4cm diameter
  • Average 7g each fruit
  • Green to red color
  • High pungency, 115 thousand SHU
  • High yield
  • High resistant to phytophthora blight and virus disease
  • Suitable for fresh market and dry processing


  • Medium early maturity
  • 17-19cm in length
  • 1.9-2.0cm in diameter
  • Green to bright red color
  • Firm fruit, 15-20g single weight
  • Tolerant to heat and humidity
  • High resistant to phytophthora blight and virus disease
  • Good storage and shipping ability



  • Long bold grains rice hybrid
  • Lodging resistant
  • Responsive to high inputs
  • High tillering capacity
  • Maturity (100-105 days)
  • Shattering resistant
  • BLB resistant
  • Tolerant to salinity and water logging
  • Yield potential(120 mds/acre)

Red Sky

  • Up to sky in cluster, average 12-14 fruits per cluster, 400 fruits per plant
  • Tall plant around 92cm high,small leaves in dark green color
  • Fruit setting:excellent
  • Ripe fruit color:crimson
  • 5cm length, 1.0cm diameter
  • 5g each weight
  • Extra pungent
  • Tolerant to heat and humidity
  • Suitable for fresh market

Guard Agri has a nationwide seed distribution network backed by full technical support services to the farmer.

veg chilli

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  • Semi-determinate type
  • Fruit is square shape with attractive flesh color
  • Good adaptability and very prolific
  • Thick wall and firm fruit suitable for processing and fresh market
  • Good suitable for hot and humid conditions
  • Maturity 65-70 days after transplanting
  • Resistance / tolerance to V, F-1, BWT,
    BST and TYLCV


  • Determinate type
  • Diamond is a Roma tomato with a medium size plant and exceptional fruit set
  • Fruit weight is 120-150 gr
  • And extremely uniform in shape
  • Fruit wall is thick and color is very good with excellent firmness
  • This hybrid is jointed and fruit has uniform shoulder
  • Its shelf life is also excellent
  • Diamond is widely adapted to shake culture
  • Resistance / tolerance to V 1, F-1, 2, ASC ® N and GLS